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One of my favorites is a docu-series of him

talking on public telephones. Now a thing

of the past it captures life before mobile


He was a huge inspiration for me. I

painted his picture, the flowers he gave

me, printed his face on T-shirts. I could

not get enough of him. I loved him so


He was an entrepeneur. He invented the

snap-on-pouch to go on baseball caps. 

The pouch holds your key, money etc.

Bob was the king of cold calls. He was a

salesman. Old school. I started writing a

manual of his sales strategy. When I met

him he was selling industrial scales. I have

my own line of hair care products and Bob

took me out to sell. He gave me confidence

to walk in and pitch my product. I

remember one day we were in Santa

Barbara selling and getting rejected every

where. I stood in the street and cried and

he gave me some money to buy a shirt.

That was Bob always giving and loving. A

couple of months later a woman called

and said “You came in with your husband

and left some samples of your products.

Our clients love them and we would like to

order”. It was the Montecito Pharmacy.

My products are still in their store. Thank

you Bob. Bob named my best selling

product that has been written up in major

magazines. It is called Your Highness. He

named it after me.

I was always dragging him to some run

down art house movie about Bukowski or

Larry Clark. He always found the humor

in it. We went to the theater, concerts,

small clubs and art openings. I remember

we went to an opening in Beverly Hills and

Vidal Sasoon was there with his wife. My

brother  Tom and I, who are both

hairdressers ,wanted his autograph. Bob

started talking to him and before you

know it Vidal said “Bob, I have to go to

this party and I would love to take you.”

He was very social and people loved him.

He was also a brilliant writer. We wrote  a

classic Christmas story about Santa

checking into rehab. I am a tabloid

journalist and Bobby gave me so much

material over the years. We would laugh

and write. He had a great imagination.

One of the phrases he pioneered was

“studies have shown”.

Bob was a photographer. I have hundreds

of his pictures.

One of his greatest talents was writing

songs and playing the piano. He played at

The Leopard Lounge in Palm Beach, San

Ysidro Ranch  in Montecito, Nordstrom 

and at a host of restaurants and lounges.