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Bobby was raised in San Fernando, Ca. He

spent his youth and greater part of his adult life

working with his father at Empire Auto and

Marine Sales  the yard his dad owned in the


When his dad was fifty he had a heart attack

and went into a coma and died. Bobby had to take over the family business and care for

his mother. He loved his mother. She had a stroke  and Bob moved her from Oregon to

San Jose. Always there to help his family.

He was favored by his grandma, out of all the grand children he was her favorite. He took

care of his Grannie up in Frazier Park.

When Bob met me he left his old life behind. He made new friends and gained a new

family that loved him. We spent every holiday together. I will never forget the Christmas

we went to Arizona and stayed at the Boulders. It was one of the best of my life.

Bob made friends like Shelly and Steve, Pat, Ronnie, Tommy, Dennis, Chris Meyers, Jules

and the list goes on. He partied with rock stars and was not affected by their fame. He

would lunch at Casa Escobar and  talk to musicians and actors. He had charisma, a loving

way about him. He was tall and handsome and lit up the room. I loved putting my arms

around him. I always told him “I love you anyway” and I did.

He  was creative. He played piano by ear. A rare gift. I loved to hear him play.  Bob wrote

his own songs. I bought him a keyboard one Christmas. He took fabulous photos. He

would take pictures for me to paint.

He taught me how to make money.  How to increase my income using his amazing sales

techniques. A master salesman , he was the King  of cold calling.  Bobby was my biggest

source of inspiration. He edited all my ads and press. I never put anything out until he

approved it. My web  desingner and I would work on something for days and if Bob said it

wasn’t right we  made the changes. He was a great copywriter.

We had a favorite hang out on each coast. The Leoparrd Lounge in Palm Beach and The

Dume Room In Malibu.

By the way, I called him Bobby, I don’t know if any one else did.