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Pop Artist

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When Bob moved to Malibu he began to

paint with acrylics.  As powerful and

captivating as the dog portraits that

inspired him Bobby’s legacy of fierce

individualism endures today.

In this section I bring together my favorite 

dog portraits, flowers, sculptures and


Little did people know that Bobby was a

musician and an artist, and a good one at

that. He painted dog potraits, flowers and

Christmas tress.  Bobby loved dogs and

cats. He was kind to all animals. We have

a couple of egrets that land out back on

the creek  and he named them Rocky and

Jasmine. He started to paint the portraits

of his friends dogs, he captured their

unique personalities.  He would give the

dog portraits away and I would say give

them a print I want the original. 

He helped me make sculptures. We did a

series called Fish Sticks. Inspired by our

trip to the Upcountry in Maui.